Travel Blogger


Like all travel writers, I have a deep, abiding passion for new places, cultures and religion. I had fallen in love with places as early as a young kid. Since then, it's all I've wanted to do, Travel and Explore the world. I love seeing my world not just through my lenses but beyond. I am a photographer, Writer and a Traveller who would like to capture life’s magical moments.

Through this website I would like to give my photographs a few words and bring out the vastness of the Monuments & Places that I have visited. I would also, very gladly, like to dedicate this website to all my friends across the globe who not only have a fascination towards travelling but also an urge to explore the less said!

My name has the Universe in it. My attributes is that of an Explorer. Digging out privacy is not my hobby! But unearthing the culture is my ardor. Knowing me will be a little strange. Because I can be found in every little discovered corner! I am Bhuban, The Traveller, A Blogger, A Painter and A Voyager.

Keep travelling, keep exploring & keep following this space!